Martin Zielke

Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, Commerzbank, Frankfurt am Main

Martin Zielke, born on January 17th, 1963, started his career with a banking apprenticeship and received his master’s degree in business administration from University of Göttingen in 1990. After having worked at Dresdner Bank and Deutsche Bank, he joined Commerzbank in 2002, where he was initially responsible for the private clients and later for the corporate banking businesses as the Group Head.

In 2006 he became a Management Board member and the Chief Financial Officer of Eurohypo AG, and went back to Commerzbank AG in 2008. After two years as Divisional Head of Group Finance, he was appointed as a Member of the Board of Managing Directors for the Private Clients segment and has been Chairman of the Board since May 2016.

Mr Zielke is married and has two daughters.